[UPDATE] Rilasciato RetroPie v4.4

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[UPDATE] Rilasciato RetroPie v4.4

Messaggioda Padremayi » sab apr 14, 2018 8:00 am

E' stata rilasciata la nuova versione 4.4, per aggiornare leggete qui.

Cambiamenti dalla versione 4.3:
  1. Added support for Raspbian Stretch, and switched to it for our main images, as Raspbian Jessie is no longer receiving kernel/firmware updates. Many changes were needed around the codebase to work correctly with Raspbian Stretch
  2. Added basic support for the ASUS Tinker Board
  3. RetroArch updated to v1.7.1 (built with video recording support via ffmpeg on Raspbian Stretch)
  4. AdvanceMAME updated to v3.7
  5. ScummVM – updated to v2.0. This fixes the controller issues and adds support for additional games
  6. Stella (Atari 2600 emulator) updated to v5.0.2
  7. Fuse (ZX Spectrum emulator) updated to v1.4.1
  8. SDL2 – updated to 2.0.8
  9. Dosbox – Updated to latest code, implemented software MIDI synth support, and launching via .conf files directly
  10. lr-freeintv libretro Intellivision emulator
  11. AGS – enable DIGMID support for MIDI playback on devices with no hardware MIDI Support
  12. Fixes for xarcade2jstick
  13. Added customhidsony, a custom hid-sony dkms driver module patched to fix the eternal vibrate bug with third-party Shanwan controllers
  14. wolf4sdl – fix spear of destiny mission support
  15. Zdoom – add support for launching Hexen 1 Series, Heretic, Strife and Chex 3
  16. cgenius – updated to v2.2.0
  17. Amiberry – update to the new SDL2 release (still using SDL1 on the Raspberry Pi due to performance reasons)
  18. Emulation Station improvements including Kiosk mode, and a new experimental module emulationstation-dev for those wanting to try our the very latest Emulation Station code
  19. Various mupen64plus (N64 emulator) fixes
  20. Removed lr-armsnes as it’s no longer developed and has only minor changes over lr-snes9x2002
  21. Fix non working xm7 (Fujitsu FM-7) emulator
  22. Joy2key – input mapping improvements and fixes
  23. Identify and allow installing on Linux Mint Debian Edition and Deepin
  24. Added various new Emulation Station themes, installable from RetroPie-Setup
  25. Added new experimental modules:
    1. lr-dosbox (Dosbox port for libretro)
    2. dosbox-sdl2 (DOSBox port with SDL2 & FluidSynth support)
    3. mame2003-plus-libretro (mame2003 with backported fixes)
    4. Update lr-desmume and split 2015 version off to lr-desume2015
    5. digger – digger remastered
    6. yquake2 – Supports Quake II and both official mission packs
    7. Abuse – port of run and gun game
Fonte: https://retropie.org.uk/2018/04/retropie-4-4-is-released/
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Re: [UPDATE] Rilasciato RetroPie v4.4

Messaggioda Newton » sab apr 28, 2018 7:55 am

Per quanto riguarda il passaggio di Rasbian da Jessie a Stretch, qualcuno ha provato a fare l'upgrade a questa versione?

Forse con un

Codice: Seleziona tutto

sudo apt update

Codice: Seleziona tutto

sudo apt dist-upgrade

e successivamente un aggiornamento di RetroPie si limitano i problemi.

Normalmente non aggiorno mai se quello che ho funziona bene ma ero curioso di valure eventuali improvement sul Nintendo64

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